Coal Valley Kids Chat: Mamie (Rosaleen Sullivan) Laverock

(Originally posted: May 1, 2014)
Featuring Nicole Rockmann and (her daughter) Mamie Laverock (Rosaleen Sullivan.)
Episode 3: A Telling Silence

‪#‎Hearties‬1794603_10151893787456207_921898191_n – Welcome to the third edition of COAL VALLEY KIDS CHAT.

THANK YOU, Nicole and Mamie for sharing with us your insights and experiences on the set of “When Calls The Heart.”

A special “Thank you” to the very gracious Nicole who suggested the title “Coal Valley Kids Chat” and who also shared the following:

Thank you Candice for bringing Mamie into the audition room and giving her this once in a lifetime chance. Thank you to Michael Landon Jr. and Brian Bird, a hundred times over. It has been an incredible highlight of my life to participate as a mother in Mamie’s creative work. Thank you Hallmark, Hearties, Friends, Family, Cast and Crew for everything.
And thank you Mamie for being my daughter and the actress, artist, athlete that you are. You’re an incredible light in my life and I love you.

Now, let’s hear from Mamie by way of this charming video (Warning: grab more tissues.)

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