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  • Cheryl Calhoun

    I guess I am done with this show now that Daniel lissing left the show and jack died this Sunday. Elizabeth and Jack ARE the show.
    I am one of 4 of us that are done watching When Calls the Heart after the finale next Sunday if Jack did die.

    • Loretta Hugley

      I agree, if Jack dies, I will not watch When Calls the Heart anymore. I watch Hallmark for happy endings not sad😔😔😔😔!

    • Lori Pearson

      I know all of us Hearties have so many concerns & questions! We’ve been assured that the answers to our burning questions will be answered in the season finale this Sunday night and on Monday in the first-ever, post-season finale Facebook Live with Brian Bird, Lori Loughlin, Erin Krakow, and Daniel Lissing on the Hallmark Channel USA Facebook page at 6PM Eastern/5PM Central/4PM Mountain/3PM Pacific.

  • Tina Delano

    A year or so ago, I watched seasons 1 and 2. This week I started to rewatch them as I have Netflix and want to binge watch through season 4. I was surprised where season 1 started as it didn’t seem to be the beginning. I had thought the series started with Elizabeth in her home and getting ready to move to Coal Valley and taking a stagecoach to the town. Am I correct? Also, I love Elizabeth’s clothes but would someone living in that area in that time period have a different outfit for every day? Also, where would she keep all those clothes as they did not have large closets like we do now? Thanks

    • Lori Pearson

      Have you seen the “When Calls the Heart” movie that was shown in the fall of 2013? It is kind of a prequel to the TV series, though not exactly. It does show Elizabeth Thatcher at her home in Hamilton as she reads about her Aunt Elizabeth working as a teacher on the frontier. I really liked it! You can find it at Christian book & movie sellers and perhaps at your local library.

    • Lisa B

      It is so sad that Jack’s beautiful, wonderful dog, Rip, has died. Jack should get a new dog. It adds to the show.

      I love this show so much! It is what tv needs now, more than ever!

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