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DVDs in the When Calls the Heart Series of Christian romance dramas based on the books by Janette Oke are available. Each DVD plays like a mini-series movie (roughly 2 hours) and encompasses 2 episodes. They also include bonus features!

We really appreciate your support by making these DVDs part of your collectibles. It actually helps pay the costs of making (and continuing to make, we hope) WCTH!


When Calls the Heart listing for Season 4!  Check out the cool calendars!


The When Calls the Heart Series Season 1 10-DVD set contains the following :

10 episode set s1

Complete Season 1 DVD Box Set at FishFlix

Disc 1: When Calls the Heart (Original Made For TV Movie)
Disc 2: When Calls the Heart Series S1#1 – Lost and Found DVD
Disc 3: When Calls the Heart Series S1#2 – A Telling Silence DVD
Disc 4: When Calls the Heart Series S1#3 – The Dance DVD
Disc 5: When Calls the Heart Series S1#4 – Second Changes DVD
Disc 6: When Calls the Heart Series S1#5 – Change of Heart DVD
Disc 7: When Calls the Heart Series S1# 6 – Rules of Engagement DVD
Disc 8: Getting to know Michael Landon Jr. and Janette Oke
Disc 9: Episodes 1-6 (as aired on the Hallmark Channel)
Disc 10: Episodes 7-12 (as aired on the Hallmark Channel.)


“There are some video extras on the DVD including a conversation between Janette Oke, Michael Landon and yours truly about the show and what it means. Some DVDs contain deleted scenes, along with some exclusive scenes not scene in Hallmark version.”  -Brian Bird


When Calls the Heart Season 2 Collector’s Edition (10 Disc)

10 episode set

Season 2 Collector’s Edition DVD Box Set from Fishflix

Disc 1: Trials of the Heart (Movie Version of Episodes 1 & 2)
Disc 2: Heart and Soul (Movie Version of Episodes 3 & 4)
Disc 3: Heart of the Family (Movie Version of Episodes 5 & 6)
Disc 4: Heart and Home (Movie Version of Episodes 7 & 8)
Disc 5: Follow your Heart (Movie Version of Episodes 9 & 10)
Disc 6: Episodes 1-5 as aired on the Hallmark Channel
Disc 7: Episodes 6-10 as aired on the Hallmark Channel
Disc 8: Special Features: Exclusive Featurettes with Behind-the-Scenes footage and interviews with the cast and crew.
Disc 9: Journey to Jamaa – A Short Film by When Calls the Heart Producers Michael Landon Jr. and Brian Bird
Disc 10: Winter in Hope Valley – Insturmental CD


When Calls the Heart – Season Three Collector’s Edition (10 DVDs)

Order Season 3 DVDs from Fishflix

Season 3 Collector’s Edition DVD Box Set from Fishflix

Disc 1. It Begins with Heart (Movie version of 2 episodes)
Disc 2. Troubled Hearts (Movie version of 2 episodes)
Disc 3. Heart of a Hero (Movie version of 2 episodes)
Disc 4. Forever in My Heart (Movie version of 2 episodes)
Disc 5. Hearts In Question (Movie version of 2 episodes)
Disc 6. Episodes 1-5 (As aired on the Hallmark Channel)
Disc 7. Episodes 6-10 (As aired on the Hallmark Channel)
Disc 8. Special features
Disc 9. The #HEARTIES – Footage from the #Hearties Family Reunion
Disc 10. When Calls The Heart Trivia Game


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“We work really hard to have the best selection and prices for Hearties. 🙂 ”

– FishFlix




You can also order online at the Shout Factory: https://www.shoutfactory.com/tv/drama/when-calls-the-heart-heart-and-soul

Millennium Entertainment is proud to announce its release of “When Calls The Heart” DVDs into big box stores; starting exclusively with www.walmart.com.


DVDs (North America)

Lost & Found

Click here to purchase “Lost & Found” from Christianbook.com


Click here to purchase “A Telling Silence” from Christianbook.com


Click here to purchase “The Dance” DVD from Christianbook.com











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DVDs (Australia):  Koorong, Word.com.au

DVDs (Canada):   Amazon.ca


The entire Season One (12 episodes) of When Calls the Heart TV Series is available online for $18-$20 at the following locations:
Google store


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When Calls the Heart Episode Guide

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DVD 1 movie

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To Purchase books by Janette Oke:


Books by Janette Oke which inspired the Hallmark series.


For those of you reading the Janette Oke Canadian West series and trying to follow along with the WCTH TV series, here is a quote from Brian Bird:  “We worked with Janette Oke to expand the story-telling canvas for the series so that we could sustain possibly several seasons of the show. That’s why we added a multi-generational element and a new branch of the Thatcher family, along with a coal mining town. Pine Springs from the original novel is a farming town, which was very much like the world of the Love Come Softly series so we thought it would give us more layers for story-telling. Janette Oke loved what we came up with so much she decided to write additional novels to follow this branch of the family along with all the happenings in Coal Valley.”  -Heartie FAQs by Lead Heartie Allyson Lapp


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  • Theresa Puckett

    Please could you let me know if the dvds are available in the UK

  • Theresa Puckett

    Are the dvds available in the UK

    • Lori Pearson

      Unfortunately, according to their websites, Edify Films and Fishflix ship to only the US and Canada. I was able to locate When Calls the Heart DVDs on amazon.co.uk. Hope that helps!

      Lori Pearson

  • Mitzie McCreary

    I also love the books. I have read the entire series and go back to re-read over again. Janette Oke is a gifted writer! I also just purchased the 4th season on DVD to keep my collection up to date. If you want more exciting stories about Jack and Elizabeth, get the books. You can get them on Kindle at Amazon and will be amazed at all they experience in their life together. The TV series could last for many years to come if they start to follow the stories in the books although it will be an excellent series even if they don’t follow the books exactly.

  • Katherine

    When will the 2 hr special aired on Dec. 26 be available to purchase??!!

  • jonna marsh

    Love this series!

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