Canadian Hearties Merchandise

Show your Hearties Pride

We’ve seen a lot of great creations made by our talented American Hearties and we wanted to offer Canadian Hearties the same. So our very own Pamela Blayney designed these and we uploaded them to a website so all could access it to order from.

The site requires a ‘markup’ to make the items available for sale. To help with Administrative costs we chose a conservative amount of $.50 cents per item. 100% of those proceeds will be put back into projects, items and web page costs for the Hearties.
This site doesn’t just make T-shirts; it provides tons of options, from Cards to Tote Bags, Phone Cases to Shower Curtains and even Duvet Covers.

Greeting cards

Greeting Cards – Invitations

Shower curtains

Shower curtains

Duvet covers

Duvet Covers

Cases for Apple and Samsung Phones

tote bags

Tote Bags

Throw pillows

Throw Pillows