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  Meant to be

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By: LisaNY

Season 2? Jack and Elizabeth are happy in their courtship but meddling Rosemary and some issues of the past have them questioning whether they’re truly meant to be. Join them as their love and bond grow stronger while they learn the true reason why Rosemary has returned to Jack’s life. Go ahead and read it! 😉


Second Chances  

By: BadWolfRising

Coal Valley is a town of second chances. See Abigail Stanton overcome numerous 1902908_771502392861260_6603740157793708192_nobstacles – including a kidnapping – to get her second chance. Formerly titled: Season’s Endings, New Beginnings. (Picture courtesy of Crown Media & Hallmark Channel)


When Calls The Heart (WCTH)- Jack and Elizabeth (ElizaJack)
Life Imitating Art- The Kiss





When Calls The Hearties By: tvmoviesparks8811921_771503686194464_4019408808040356987_n

Wanna Read What happens After the Season 1 Finale for Jack and Elizabeth, Well here go Hearties this story take place a few short days after the finale and this fanfic will be continuous It will never stop. Also this fanfic is based on the tweets of Elizabeth and Jack.





 Sins of the Father by Jennifer Mikesell

Chapter 1

Elizabeth was woken by sound 1920119_276980232462918_499469637_n - Copyof a steady rain beating on the shingles of the roof. Today was one of those days that she would have loved to stay in bed, but unfortunately she couldn’t because today was the last day of school. Elizabeth was able to drag herself out of bed and go to her closet to pick out an outfit for the day. She chose a powder blue dress that Jack said matched her eyes. Once Elizabeth was dressed ,she sat at her vanity to fasten 2 pearl and ivory combs into her long brown hair. Jack liked when she left her hair fall over her shoulders in soft curls. With one last look in the mirror, Elizabeth was satisfied.


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What is Courting? By: CherylinBoston

Jack and Elizabeth discuss courting when they can. Abigail and Bill attempt to move their relationship forward.



1779744_264811243679817_478977489_n - CopyTo have and to hold

By: Elizabethlash46

Elizabeth’s been Kidnapped. Can Jack save her in time? Can Abigail clear her husbands name, will she get revenge on Gowen? Not good at summaries you’ve just got to read it. It’ll be good promise. Gave it a M rating just to be on safe side.



Surely Goodness and Mercy

By: GodShapedHole

A brief character sketch of Henry Gowen, his arc from villain to redemption, and what part Abigail plays in his change of heart. Sometimes we only learn to love when someone shows us how…



Can You Die From a Broken Heart

By: Jazabeth

My first go at a fan fiction, just a little chapter set after season 4 ended. Elizabeth hasn’t heard from jack, in what feels like, ages, but when she does get news from Up North it is the opposite of what she wanted…





  • Susan

    I think the show will do great without Daniel Lissing. There are so many talented actors out there and this gives the show a new story line. It has been obvious that Daniel has been less involved with this show more and more in the last two seasons. That is showbiz. We will all miss Mountie Jack, but there other fish in the sea that are much cuter (dare I say it?)….yes. I do know recently that Daniel is seeing someone (ET interview in March) so that may have cause some tension between him and Erin. I just think he wants to pursue bigger projects, especially films. He is about to become a great star!

  • Earline Watson

    Hello there. I’m Earline; my hubby, Bill, and I are 92 years old. We sooo enjoy the show. As of recent weeks we have been re-watching ALL episodes. Now we watch propped up in bed because he is now unable to walk even with a walker. He shows me God’s strength, power and grace + love daily. We have the new season ready to watch. We also appreciate the wholesomeness tenor.

    Okay, “younger ones”, I’ll say one, only one!!, something that would be a “+”:
    less kissing.😙😙😙

  • T Wilson

    I may incur the wrath of the Hearties, but I want to see more Frank and Abigail. What a perfect match! Pleaaseeee Hallmark, don’t break them up!!!

  • Kristi

    Hello! I saw Rebekah’s post which is the question I had. I also saw your answer, however, I don’t really have a link. I have uploaded the story to Archive of Our Own, if that is what you mean, but otherwise, I could email it to you. Please let me know the best way for this to happen. I really enjoy the hearties page on Facebook and love reading everyone’s stories. Decided, it was time to have some fun myself!

    Thank you!

  • Victory

    hey, i’m a devoted heartie but have no social sites. just wanted to say hi! I’m just dying to see the new episode tomorrow!

  • Lisa Cotterman

    I hope in season 4 to see more scenes with nora and bill but i think gowen is gonna hurt her i dont trust him.

  • Rebekah

    Hey! I’m a fairly new #Heartie. I wanted to post my fanfiction on here, but how do I do that? If I may be allowed to post it? I would love to share my story with everyone.


  • Snowgirl23

    Please please post more jack and elizabeth fanfiction

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