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Hearties Facebook  Page

Hearties Facebook Page

It is a place where adoring fans of Hallmark Channel’s original new series, When Calls The Heart, can gather and talk about our favorite new show staring Erin Krakow, Daniel Lissing, Lori Loughlin (Full House), and a full stellar cast. It is based on the Canadian West series from Janette Oke and directed by Michael Landon Jr and Brian Bird. This series has “called” and captured the hearts of many. Some of us like to call it “Love Comes Softly meets Little House on the Prairie.” It’s that kind of chaste romance combined with touching, uplifting family drama and reminders of the great virtues sadly missing on today’s TV.

It is very well-written, well-cast, and well-acted. Each week, WCTH delivers heart-tugging drama and a superbly developed, chaste love story without being shallow or melodramatic. It’s subtle yet powerful—the perfect blend. There is so much to love about this series! The best part: it’s an engaging drama adults can thoroughly enjoy and feel good about watching with their kids. The worst part: waiting an entire week until Saturday. Oh, the hours . . . And when it’s finally here, if only time would stop . . .

Find out more at www.hallmarkchannel.com/WhenCallsTheHeart.
You can also check out a recent interview with Producer/Creator Brian Bird at

Help spread the word about this wonderfully uplifting, engaging (& romantic) series & convince Hallmark to bring us a season 2!!

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Spam, lewdness, profanity, unkindness, harassment of ‘When Calls the Heart’ stars and/or other members and/or anyone will not be tolerated and those violate the letter or spirit of these rules and/or who create and/or share and/or promote such content shall be removed from the group.


Canadians, as you are on a different viewing schedule, there is also a FB page created for you at https://www.facebook.com/groups/HEARTIESCA/


  • I have watched each and every show, have all 3seasons tapes,and the books and the first Mississippi car tag.love this show and going to Hearties parties.wonderful group these Hearties!

  • Ryan

    Season 1 was fun. The hair and costumes in season 2 are not good.

  • Richard Willis

    My wife loves the show and I have watched every episode with her. I enjoy the show, but I probably enjoy more watching how much she gets into it. I am planning a road trip with her this summer to Langley. I’ll just tell her to pack her bags and she won’t know where we are going until we get there. She has no idea where the show is filmed.

    Be kind

  • Judy Bell

    How do I become a heartie? I love this show and make sure I record it every Sunday evening.

  • Gloria Sudlow

    Welcome ladies from Germany. To think that one of you takes the train to watch WCTH on your friend’s laptop. Awesome! So happy to hear your enjoying our favorite program.
    I visited Germany with a group probably 8 years ago for Octoberfest. Wonderful time. We stayed in Ropoling. Enjoyed our stay very much. Welcome to the group. You are Hearties for sure.

  • Gloria Sudlow

    Gloria Sudlow
    It was such fun seeing all the pictures from the Reunion. The excitement was felt even from home. I was happy for everyone! Appreciate all the work and effort that went into the preparation and being at this first Reunion. God bless all.

  • I love the show, the cast, the writing, and that it’s filmed in Canada!

    The Hearties have made the journey extra special.

    Daniel Lissing and Erin Krakow’s singing duet was a gift to their many fans!

    I am spreading the word about “When Calls The Heart” and I encourage others to please do the same.

  • Barbara Rectenwald

    love this show, cast, producers and Hallmark❤️

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