Welcome to the Hearties! We are devoted fans of the Hallmark Channel original series When Calls The Heart inspired by the Canadian West book series from Janette Oke. Directed and Produced by Michael Landon, Jr. and Brian Bird.

*All rights go to Crown Media, Hallmark Channel and creators of When Calls The Heart.*




  • Glad this banner is finally on the fansite. I like this one better than the last.

  • Mary King

    What is the process of choosing who is a “regular” and who is a guest star. Martin Cummins is listed as a guest star and he has been on the show since day one. Jack Wagner joined the cast the end of season 1 and starred in season 2 and is considered a regular?? Just wondering!

    • Brian Bird answered “Regular cast members are guaranteed to be in all episodes. Guest stars are only guaranteed a portion of all the episodes, even if they end up being in all of them.”

      • Mary King

        Thanks for the information. I’m learning alot about behind the scenes things and production since becoming a #Heartie

        • Yes, that’s one of the fun parts about loving a show so much and having such a wonderful executive producer in Brian Bird who is willing to help us be in the know! He’s quite a gift to Hearties! :) Have a great day.

  • Charmaine Lipa

    Could you direct me to the sponsor lists that advertise during S2. I want to write them to continue advertising with hallmark channel and help get S3

  • Vicky

    Is there something we, as Hearties, can do to influence Hallmark to renew for season 3?

  • Patricia

    Let’s see Jack with a bigger role and more dialogue…he has more talent than you are showing. And get those guys and gals better period hairstyles. You have inspired me to read the series of books love the good quality entertainment proves we don’t need all that violence to enjoy the story

    • Believe it or not, it is not always in the hands of the writers. Because they are filming in Canada, there are work related rules. Canadian actors must have the majority of the lines, etc. Please just have faith that Brian Bird is doing the best he possibly can with the obstacles before him. :)

      • Rose Tan

        I am sure the writers have to follow certain rules and regulations. Bottom line, WCTH is a wonderful family show. I look forward each Saturday for each episode.
        I have never seen such good chemistry among the actors/actresses for such a long time watching TV. I sincerely hope and keep my fingers crossed that Hallmark will renew and make a Season 3 and beyond if possible. Now that it has ended, I subscribed to Amazon Prime to be able to watch it unlimited for season 1 &2. I am retired so I have all the time to watch it over and over and I never get tired watching the two seasons. I am hooked to WCTH. There are times I find myself crying because I really feel the emotions being portrayed.
        Thank you Hallmark and other sponsors!

  • Rose Tan

    Please do not make us wait another year to find out what Elizabeth said to Charles.
    All Hearties are eager to have this relationship sealed with a kiss and a ring from our beloved Mountie Jack.

  • Bonnie Smith

    I love this series!Glad to be a part this group!

  • Krista

    Hey Hearties!
    Here is a link to a petition for anyone to sign asking Hallmark for a Season 3 of When Calls the Heart! My sister and I signed it yesterday.
    Let’s get the word out! 😉

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