Hearties Glossary

Season I:10003955_854713717878498_1001165550_n

A Rosemary: something to be rid of; discarded; not a good fit

Appeteaser: a preview to whet the appetite for new WCTH episodes

Being a bear: a noble, courageous, protector of those he cares about

Being a deer: a naive, sheltered, highly intelligent, stubborn woman

Being a Pockets: a person that collects small treasures

Being a skunk: a deceitful, devious man of questionable character

Being Rip: lazy or relaxing

BOOM: an exclamation used to preface a surprise, to announce an exciting situation, or to declare extreme excitement in general

BOOMrock:   used to describe someone who is awesome to the Hearties degree

Courtshipin: improper use of to court, of course.

Emotionally invested in your well-being: I meddle in your love life

eNewsBOOM: The Hearties eNewsletter

FaceBOOM: When someone drops awesome news in the Hearties FB group that drives the Hearties wild and makes them pull over in their cars!

Heathen: Only heathens show up late to a church service.

Honey: sweetness used in order to get through to someone

I have a dog: a phrase indicating exasperation and the desire to change the subject

I pulled an Elizabeth: I ruined dinner

Mop moment: a swoon and sigh moment

Mountie on!:   Carry on in to serve and protect, whatever it takes

Oke(ie) Dokie:  It’s A-ok with Hearties!

Perfidy: look it up, we had to (no, seriously, the real definition works here)

Red Dragon (coined for Rosemary): anyone evil

Rosie: evil; misguided


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