We love the writing for this show. There is a great deal of motivation and inspiration in every episode.

Below we share some of our favorite quotes from the series (this is a work in progress…more to come!).

Season I:   When Calls the Heart, Hallmark Channel

#Hearties Favorite Quotes

Episode 1, Lost and Found Episode 2, Cease and Desist Episode 3, A Telling Silence
“I can face any obstacle with courage, grace and dignity.” ~ Elizabeth[Elizabeth writes]: In closing, I hope I’ve conveyed that despite the hardships I experienced coming here, I am for want of nothing. I am standing strong on my own two feet, a proud Thatcher, just like you raised. Your loving daughter, Elizabeth.
Postscript. I would, however, mention that they have me teaching the children here in an actual saloon, so school supplies or anything of cultural value you could send me, I would be eternally grateful.Jack: Good afternoon, Miss Thatcher.
Elizabeth: Afternoon, Constable Thornton.
Jack: Do you think we could dispense with the “Constable”, and could I persuade you to just call me “Jack”?
Elizabeth: Does your request mean you’ve come to the conclusion that you’ll be here a good, long while?
Jack: Not at all. Making it a week is hardly the test of time, now is it?
Elizabeth: I concur with your assessment of time…However, I still disagree with your assessment of me. We will be here a good, long while, therefore you may call me Elizabeth.
Jack: Fine. Elizabeth, it is.
Elizabeth: Have yourself a good day, Jack.
[Elizabeth writes]: Post-Postscript. Please greet my younger sister for me and pass along that I have yet to see any whiskey-runners, however, I have run into some cowboys, outlaws and one very handsome, annoying Mountie.
“When my father saw me off on my journey west, he told me he
hoped I would find what God had shaped me for and then give my
whole heart to it. I thought I already knew what that was. As a
teacher, I would be a molder of young minds and an
encouragement to their mothers and fathers. But in trying to
give my heart to that purpose, I’ve learned it’s been much more than what’s in a book. One sometimes has to go against his or her nature to dig deep into the dark trenches of life. One has to be willing to lose everything in order to gain what God has shaped them for because there’s a cost to the things that matter most in life. And it’s in that sacrifice that we find our true treasure.”“There are times when I miss home. Doing laundry is one of them.” ~ ElizabethAbigail: What in the world?
Elizabeth: I know I’m the last person you expected to see here.
Abigail: Actually, I think the truer statement is, you’re the last person you expected to see here.
Elizabeth: Maybe so. But I’m here anyway.
[Elizabeth writes]: The searchers all rushed toward Rosaleen when they saw she was back safe in her mother’s arms. The reverend, the mothers, many of the miners, even Wendell Backus…
Rosaleen: I’m sorry, mommy.
Molly: I love you. I love you. Oh, dear little one, I love you so.
[Elizabeth writes]: The light of love restores every lost voice.“Only heathens arrive late to a Church service.” ~ Elizabeth“Only the uncouth whisper during a sermon.” ~ Jack
Episode 4, Secrets and Lies Episode 5, The Dance Episode 6, These Games
Reverend Anderson: I’ll be brief, which, as most of you know is against my nature. First, to Cat, I ask your pardon. I accused you of something terrible because…frankly I was jealous. I was angry over losing my parishioners to your Sunday school. It turns out, according to Constable Thornton, our church likely burned down accidentally. And yet I allowed my suspicions to run wild. No one should behave like that, least of all a pastor. Please forgive me.And now to all of you, over these past many months, I have not been the pastor you needed most in this time of trouble. Instead, I’ve been more concerned of my own security, in keeping my own job, and for that, I am deeply…deeply sorry. I can only hope that, over time, you will find it in your hearts to forgive me.Elizabeth: “It’s the least I could do for that little incident with Mr. Spurlock”.Jack:- “You mean that little incident where I saved your life?Albert:  I knew you used to be rich.  So when I found it, I thought you’d appreciate it.Elizabeth:  May I let you in on a little secret, Albert?  Girls don’t care if a gift is fancy, not even girls who used to be rich.Albert:  Really?Elizabeth:  What we care about are gifts that come from the heart.

[Elizabeth writes]: As a teacher, I’m drawn to the truth. Numbers don’t lie, and facts are indeed facts, but sometimes, we need to trust each other, because the truth isn’t always what it appears to be. Sometimes an oil can found in a fire is not what seems to be, and, sometimes, love comes just in time to save your life.

“Men, Lord they’re impossible, until they are gone.”“This way a little part of him can help keep the baby warm.”  ~ Abigail [Upon unraveling her diseased husband’s favorite sweater to knit for Carla’s newborn].We all know how hard it is to find a good man.  –Abigail  Or a good father for our children.”  ~ Carla“Mounties and marriage are two subjects that don’t go together.  At the academy they told us if Mounties wanted you to have a wife, we would have issued you one.”  ~ Jack

Caleb: I gotta catch something today, even if it’s just trash fish!
Albert: I hate catfish!

“I will never forget my Noah.  But at some point, life goes on. For all of us.”~ Abigail

Carla:  What about Ephram?
Abigail:  Oh, Carla, there are dozens of families in Coal Valley who would love to look after that little boy while you are here [taking in Carla so close to giving birth].

[Eilzabeth writes] The more I get to know these women, I realize how remarkable and courageous they are.  They go through life with such grace under fire, it makes me realize just how little I actually know about the real world.  These women are teaching me by their example that when each of us offers a small kindness to a neighbor, it can become a very large blessing to the whole community.  ~ Elizabeth

“Those of you inclined to drink, there’s the bar.  But I recommend you become a teetotaler like me.” ~ Wendall Backus

“There must be a reason someone like you came here.  Maybe you can show me why?”  ~ Billy Hamilton

“I’ve only been in Coal Valley for a short while but the town changes you.  When you see people really helping each other, and  loving their neighbor, it just….I know it’s making me a better person.” ~ Elizabeth Thatcher.

“I think dreams are like birthday wishes.  If you say them out loud, they might not come true.” –-Elizabeth

“That’s all a man can ask for is a little bit of hope.” ~ Dewitt Graves

“You’re calling me a GOAT?!” ~ Elizabeth

“I’m not so good at waiting, but I will certainly do my best.” ~ Dewitt Graves

Jack:  I shouldn’t have to play some kind of game when I’m trying to be the good guy here…and I..
Abgail:  [shushing him] Honey.
Jack:  Yes Ma’am.

Abigail: You shouldn’t be hiding from Jack.
Elizabeth: I’m not. Why would you say that?
Abigail: Because I can tell when two people have feelings for each other.
Elizabeth:  Jack and I are just friends. Besides, he’s a confirmed bachelor, anyhow.
Abigail:  No, he’s a confirmed Mountie.  Duty and honor until the right woman comes along.”

“I would be flattered to have someone going to extra lengths to watch over me.” ~ Abigail

[Elizabeth writes] Why are relationships between men and women sometimes so confusing?   Our actions, our words …it’s like we’re all speaking in foreign tongues and we can’t understand each other.  But I wonder, what part of our failure to communicate comes from our own brokenness, and what part does my own brokenness play?

“Being rude and disrespectful to Mr. Graves is not going to make you feel any better.” ~ Mary Dunbar

[Elizabeth writes] Yet so much that matters in life rests on trust. Remembering to trust God, discerning which people are worthy of our trust…for when we place our hearts…our lives in someone else’s hands, it is an act of faith. It requires courage and hope, but it’s worth the risk, because it is trust that brings us love.

“Truth be told, I envy you.  Because from everything I’ve seen, you had a great, great Pa. And I didn’t.  ~ Dewitt Graves to Caleb

“I realize that you lost your Pa and I could never hold a candle to him.  But I’d give my right arm to have a family like yours one day.”  ~ Dewitt Graves to Caleb

“You have absolutely the worst sense of timing in many ways.”  ~ Elizabeth to Jack

Please understand that my main goal, even more than finding the thief was to make sure you didn’t get hurt.  And I did the opposite, and I will regret that more than you know.  Your well-being is all I ever cared about. I hope you can forgive me.~ Jack

Cat:  upon the birth of twins]  Carla  has been blessed.
Abigail:  We all have.

Elizabeth[writing]: Why are relationships between men and women sometimes so confusing?  Our actions, our words, it’s like we’re all speaking in foreign tongues and we can’t understand each other.   But I wonder, what part of our failure to communicate comes from our own brokenness and what part does my own brokenness play?

Elizabeth: Why were you fighting over my pathetic little cake? You completely embarrassed me.
Jack: We were supporting you.
Billy: Raising funds for a good cause. I apologize for embarrassing you, but, uh, I think you’re underestimating your cake. It looks delicious.
Elizabeth: Stop lying.
Billy: Yes, ma’am.
Elizabeth: And you…stop with all the smiling. What game are you playing, Jack?
Jack: I’m just doing my job. Protect and serve, that’s all.
Elizabeth: By bidding on a cake?
Jack: Whatever it takes.

Episode 7, Second Chances Episode 8, Perils of the Soloists Episode 9, Change of Heart
Jack: You’re not an easy person to forget.
Elizabeth: Thank you…[quietly] I think.
Jack: If…Let’s say a bear saved a deer from a skunk–a skunk who had every intention of hurting her, why…why then would the deer be angry at the bear?
Abigail: Perhaps the deer’s pride is hurt. Maybe seeing the bear reminds her that she was silly enough to trust a skunk.
Jack: Hmm. I see…
Abigail: Furthermore, the bear was saving the deer from an untrustworthy animal, but didn’t seem to have any interest in replacing him.
Jack: I’ve lost you.
Abigail: Jack, Billy was not the right man for Elizabeth. He was, indeed, a skunk, but, one day, there will be an appropriate man, a good man, who will approach Elizabeth with honorable intentions, and then she will be taken. Perhaps approach her not as a Constable who’s there to rescue her, but as a man.
Elizabeth:  It’s a written test, but I’d like to open with a question to assess your basic comprehension level. MM-MM. I want to make sure you can follow simple instructions.
Jack: Okay.
Elizabeth: Pay me a compliment.
Jack: I don’t understand.
Elizabeth: It’s a simple test to determine whether you can follow directions.
Jack: Oh. I see. I admire…how dedicated you are to your students. Not good?
Elizabeth: There’s no good or bad, it’s only an opportunity to assess your ability to follow directions–
Jack: No, no, I want to change my answer.
Elizabeth: Well, that’s very unorthodox, but you may.
Jack: You look really beautiful tonight.
Elizabeth: Very good. Please take your pencil, turn over your pages and begin. You will have one hour to complete the test…and then we can have dinner.
Jack: Come on.
Elizabeth: What?
Jack: Really?
Elizabeth: It will show your ability to…to “perform prehension provoked by visual perception.”
Jack: That’s a lot of P-words I didn’t quite grasp.
Elizabeth: Well, here’s another P-word for you. Please? Just do as I ask.Elizabeth: Soon it will be a big city like Cape Fullerton, and you won’t have any reason to leave.
Jack: True. But there is another reason for me to stay.Jack: Good. Do you agree to forgive me for everything stupid I’ve ever said or done?
Elizabeth: [laughs] I don’t know. There are just so many of them.
Jack: Well, no one said it was going to be an easy test.
Elizabeth: Jack, do you stay up at night just thinking of ways to drive me batty?
Jack: Nope, don’t have to. Just sort of comes out naturally.
“Don’t panic.  You can do this.  You crossed a prairie for heaven’s sake. “  –Elizabeth  Jack:  Talking to yourself, not a good sign.Elizabeth:  You were eavesdropping.Jack:  It’s not eavesdropping when ones talking to oneself out loud in public. Elizabeth: …I’ve never directed a play before.
Jack: Well, didn’t they go through that in that big city university you attended?
Elizabeth: I didn’t go to drama school, Jack. I went to teacher college.
Jack: “No great dramatist exists without a touch of madness”… Aristotle.
Elizabeth: Well, aren’t you just full of surprises?!
Jack: Yes.Elizabeth:  Have I thanked you yet for helping us move?
Jack:  About a hundred times.
Elizabeth:  Thank you. 
Abigail: Elizabeth, I’m really happy I’m not in this alone.
Elizabeth:  Me, too, Abigail. We are both embarking on a new adventure.

You’re the best man I’ve ever known.  Nothing will ever change that.  –Laurel Miller

I loved you then and I love you now.  Nothing will ever change that.  Laurel Miller

Abigail: This is going to take some getting used to.
Elizabeth: It’ll feel like home in no time.
Abigail: I’m sure you’re right.
Elizabeth: It’s like you said when we first started packing, “Love travels with you…”
Abigail: “Wherever you go.”
Elizabeth: “Wherever you go.”

Elizabeth:  Boys and girls, if there’s one thing I’ve learned about the people of Coal Valley, it’s that they don’t quit, even when everything is against them.”

“I will do anything.  Anything. I need to provide for my family.” –Adam Miller

Elizabeth:  [sewing.]
Jack:  Your needle attack you?  So your cooking is only rivaled by your sewing?
Elizabeth:  I suppose you can do better?
Jack:  I think a whip stitch will do here.
Elizabeth:  Where did you learn that?
Jack:  Oh, I’ve sewn before.
Elizabeth:  Where?
Jack:  Close to the bone.
Elizabeth:  What?  Oh my goodness what happened?
Jack:   Oh, it was nothing, although the bear is still talking about it.

“We have to accept the hand the lord has dealt us and do our best. Things could have been far worse.” – Laurel Miller

“ I know the lines.  I’m just not sure I believe them anymore.” – Jolene

“All you can do is love him. You can’t be responsible for how he acts.”  –Elizabeth

Jack: Don’t worry. I will find him.
Elizabeth: Jack! Please be careful.
Jack: I’m glad to see you be so concerned for your constable.
Elizabeth: I’m concerned for my constable, and I’m also concerned for the man who wears the constable’s uniform.

“You tell me, you think a man is free to desert his family?”  – Jack

“You still have purpose and the almighty can bless the work of your hands.”  -Jack

Jack:I was bitter like you.  I blamed God.  I even blamed my father for leaving me. ….
Adam: This is what I have to do.
Jack:Really? The thing is, my father didn’t have a choice.  You do…You put your life on the line every day for your family.  In my book, that’s as brave as it comes.

“I’ve got to believe that you were spared for a reason. You got to believe that you were given a second change because there’s more for you to do….” Jack

James: It does look a lot like you and Mountie Jack, though.
Elizabeth: No, it doesn’t, James. It doesn’t at all. And I’ll ask that you three forget all about this incident.
Gabe: Lips are sealed, Miss Thatcher.
Elizabeth: Jack, are you aware that someone painted a tiny likeness of the two of us on the Founder’s Day backdrop?
Jack: Likeness?
Elizabeth: Yes, and it’s hidden there like a little stick of dynamite ready to go off, and some of my students just lit the fuse.
Jack: What are we doing in the painting?
Elizabeth: I…I can’t really say. W-We’re…We’re kissing.
Jack: We’re kissing?! Well, that is completely inappropriate. Pure fiction.
Elizabeth: Yes, fiction.
Jack: Who would paint such a thing? You know, I think I should launch an investigation, interrogate some of your students until we get to the bottom of this.
Elizabeth: Uh, all right, but on second thought, both of our reputations are on the line here. Jack: Hmm, that is a good point. But I promise, I will get to the bottom of this, don’t you worry.
Elizabeth: I’m glad you’re on the case. I’m going to go.
Jack: Have a good day. [Looks over at Rip] Our little secret, boy.

Elizabeth:  I shall assume that this supper does not imply the beginning of a possible courtship.  You’ve made it very clear that Mounties do not have wives.  If they wanted you to have wives, they would have issued you one.Jack:  Did I say that?Elizabeth:   Several times.Jack:  That does sound like something I’d say.Elizabeth: [extending her hand to shake his] So I will see you Saturday night for supper.Jack:  Yes, see you Saturday night for supper.  And Elizabeth, please do consider this an act of courtship [softly kissing her hand with closed eyes].

Julie:  I wanted to surprise Elizabeth.
Elizabeth:  something she’s been doing since she came out of the womb.

“This is not a fairy tale.  I’m not a princess.” – Elizabeth

“Me, meddle?! I never meddle.  I don’t meddle, I invest emotionally into your well-being.”  -Julie

“Love life is a general term for friendly companionship between the sexes.” – Elizabeth

“Never underestimate what hard work set to a dream can achieve.” –Abigail

“Everything changed when I met Sarah….I never thought I’d consider settling down but life has a way of changing your priorities.”-Patrick

Elizabeth:  [door knock] That must be him.  Why am I so nervous?

Julie:  You’re supposed to be.

Elizabeth: Jack Thornton, you look…
Jack: So do you.

Jack:  The life of a Mountie doesn’t leave too much time for courting. I feel somewhat lacking in the area of romance. I feel my efforts tonight may pale in comparison to the legions of suitors you have back home.
Elizabeth: Legions?  Far from it perhaps
Jack:  Then I feel really lucky.

Elizabeth:  It was the most enchanting evening of my entire life.  It was beyond anything I could ever dare to dream.  It was like something out of a
Julie:  romance novel?
Elizabeth:  Yes, but I’ve never read anything quite so romantic.

“Love at first sight often leads to short courtships.”  -Julie

Jack:  Has he been bothering you?  I could talk to him if you’d like.
Abigail:  No, I’m quite capable of rebuking his advances.  And I have an iron skillet that makes a fine weapon if need be.

Gowan: What if I were to ask you for lunch?
Abigail:  Well, I would very politely and with as much grace as possible, turn you down.”

Jack:  “Smile…”
Elizabeth: “I haven’t stopped since our supper.”

“You’re correct in thinking that he had no plans to stay or to fall in love. But I believe he did.” – Abigail

“If you two are meant to be together, than nothing will stand in your way.” -Abigail

Gabe: Mornin’, Mountie Jack.
Jack: Morning, Gabe. By the way, thank you for all your help on Saturday night. You’re going to make some young lady very happy one day.
Gabe: Oh, I already know who it is. I knew from the moment I laid eyes on her.
Jack: Well, you may surprise yourself. Your first love is rarely your last.
Gabe: I know you think I’m foolish for knowing who I’m going to marry, being I’m so young.  But sometimes, it happens. Sometimes you see a girl, and your whole future is clear as a bell.

“I know what the risks are with my superiors.  And I’m willing to take them, for you.”  ~ Jack

“I can’t be the person who keeps you from following your dreams….  You have to do this.  You have to go. I know it in my heart and so do you.” ~ Elizabeth

Episode 10, Love Comes First Episode 11, Rules of Engagement Episode 12:Prelude to Kiss
It’s noble work, and I for one am proud to know him. ~ ElizabethStop whimpering. Missing him this much is just plain selfish. ~ Elizabeth to RipElizabeth:  I’m afraid Julie sees all of life as a romance novel with her cast as the heroine.Abigail:  She’s young, she’ll learn.Julie:  The bonds of love are not easily broken.Julie:  Did you kiss him?
Elizabeth:  Of course not, I’ve only known him a short while and a kiss is something that comes after a courtship.

“Not every man has good intentions.” ~ Elizabeth

“You go around kissing any guy that says hello to you, and you’re judging me?” ~ Outlaw Nate Toliver

“There’s only one Mountie.  One Mountie is a joke against us.”  ~ Outlaw Nate Toliver

“Well, I don’t think that tablecloth maneuver was part of your training…getting the horses in red to surround them like that, was truly inspired.” ~ Sam

Jack:  If you could go back, if you could do it all over again, would you choose this life?  Living on the road, not settling down and having a family?

Sam: You can’t go back, that’s not part of the deal.
Jack: I guess this it’s the path we’ve chosen, right.
Sam: You know,  I was at your father’s funeral.  I remember thinking he was a truly rich man. He got a good woman, and a fine son to weep over him and remember him.  That’s true wealth.
Jack:  Well, he was a great father.
Sam: I only hope that when I draw my last breath, there’s someone there to care enough to feel that way about me.

Julie: Will you excuse me for a moment?  [slaps outlaw  Nate Toliver]
Elizabeth: Feel better?
Julie: Somewhat.

Abigail:  Jack, I found a file. Actually, I didn’t find it, I stole it from Gowan’s office.
Jack:  For the record, I do not condone stealing, but on a personal note, I’m quite impressed.

“The truth is the truth, no matter how it plays out.  And everyone in this town deserves to know what really happened.” ~ Abigail

Jack: When I was out there and I thought that you were in trouble…when I thought there was even a chance that you were in danger, and I wasn’t here…
Elizabeth: You can’t be everywhere. You saved all of us.
Jack: I want you to know that I had nothing on my mind but getting back to you.
Elizabeth: Really?

Jack: I don’t know where I’m gonna be tomorrow, but I don’t want to regret not telling you what I was thinking…what I was–what I am feeling. I can’t leave without telling you that…
Elizabeth: Yes?
Jack: I care. I care that you’re safe.

[writing in her journal] I feel as though I’ve lived a year these past few days.  I’ve never felt so frightened in all my life.  But my fear pales in comparison to how safe I felt in Jack’s arms when he came to my rescue.  It makes me realize that, sometimes, we need heroes in our lives, and, sometimes, for the people we love, we actually have to become the hero.” ~Elizabeth

Gabe:  When Mountie Jack gets back, is he going to be courtshippin’ you?
Elizabeth: Courtshippin is an improper use of the verb ‘to court,’ Gabe. And that is an improper question.
Gem: If he asks you out to dinner again, will THAT be a proper question?
Student: You’re BLUSHING, Miss Thatcher.“This is Coal Valley??? Where’s the…rest…of it?” – Rosemary“You look awfully…healthy.” ~ Jack to Rosemary“Jack has always been honorable. Perhaps things aren’t as they seem.” ~ Abigail StantonAbigail: “I’ve seen prettier.”Elizabeth: “You’re a good friend…but a bad liar.”Abigail:  Would a hot biscuit make you feel better?
Elizabeth:  No. But ten might.”R- Noise doesn’t bother me, in fact I relish it.
J- Well, if it’s noise you’re looking for I’m certain Coal Valley will be a disappointment.
R- How could it be, you’re here?
R- Jack, could you show me to my room?
J- You’ll find it. It’s next to room 8.
R- Are you in room 8?
J- I sleep in the jail.
R- Oh, How tragic.
J- Actually it’s quite comfortable.
R- But lonely.
J- I have a dog.“Oh, we’re way past trouble. This is war.” ~ Gowen“I think it is safer in here with you than out there, buddy.” ~ Jack (to Rip)
“The place kinda grows on you.  The people, they’re special.” ~Jack“Well, I do appreciate the word ‘gentleman,’ I don’t hear it often in my line of work.” ~Bill Avery Gowan:  It’s a little late to be investigating a disaster that happened over 6 months ago, isn’t it?
Bill Avery: Well, 46 men are still dead, aren’t they?

“I’m staying here in Coal Valley. This is where I belong.”  ~ Jack

Jack: It’s an interesting lesson.
Elizabeth:  And valuable. Excuse me, I missed one. (Elizabeth writes ‘perfidy.’)

“And part of the reason I’ve changed…is you.” ~ Jack 

“I’m certain my life is far less dramatic…” ~Elizabeth


“Elizabeth, I know you’ve lost some faith in me but I hope over time you’re going to see my heart is true.” ~Jack   

Bill Avery: To have lost him and your son,  It’s unspeakable
Abigail: And yet I speak of it so often. To keep them alive, I suppose.
Bill Avery: They’ll always be alive in your memories. Although I know that’s of little comfort.”

“We want the same thing. Justice for your family and the people that have suffered. And I mean to get you that justice.” ~ Bill Avery 

Rosemary: Miss Thatcher and I share a common interest. He looks good in red also.
Dottie: Oh my. Are you talking about the Constable?
Rosemary: Are we, Miss Thatcher?
Elizabeth: I believe you’re the only one speaking, Miss LaVeaux.”

“Jack?! A painter?!” ~ Elizabeth

“Her juggling could use some work. ….” ~ Abigail

“She’s a shiny new object. She’ll tarnish.” ~ Abigail

Abigail: Elizabeth, her qualities could blow away in the wind. Yours are steadfast – you’re goodhearted and loyal

Elizabeth: like a dog……or a boring schoolteacher that buys pencils and string.

Abigail: I can only tell you to follow your heart.
Elizabeth: It was my heart that led me to Coal Valley.
Abigail: Then I hope it keeps you here.

Jack:  But then again just about everything suits you.
Elizabeth: That’s very kind of you.
Jack:  It’s the truth.

Elizabeth: You looked it up?
Jack: No, I asked that smart kid. The Weaver boy. I don’t have time to look things up. I was too busy protecting this town from criminals.

Gowan: Done something different with your hair? It looks quite becoming.
Abigail: And you should be GOING.

“Is this a new threat or the same one? I’m losing track.” ~ Abigail

Gowan:  This is not a poker game, Abigail.
Abigail:  Good, then you’ll understand when I don’t fold!”

Jack:  You are so persistent!
Rosemary:  As an actress, I have to be.
Jack:  As a lady, you don’t.

“I’m sorry, Rosie, but the only future I see for myself is with Elizabeth.” ~ Jack

“Young love is so hopeful and so uncomplicated. What gets lost along the way?” ~ Elizabeth

“If Abigail can have faith after what she’s been up to, then so can I” ~ Elizabeth

“Perhaps jealousy has made me too harsh. I should be better than that.  ~ Elizabeth


Jack: Is that a squid?Elizabeth:  It’s a comet!
Jack: Uh, comet…may I?Jack: “I can add a constellation if you like.”
Elizabeth:  “How about you move a constable before my students get here?”-
Jack: “What? So you can take credit for my chalk work?”Elizabeth:  Be sure to admire Mountie Jack’s artwork on your way to your seats. He enjoys a compliment.Jack:  Unlike Ms Thatcher who is uncomfortable with compliments, even though she is quite deserving of them.Elizabeth:  School is in session, Mr. Thornton, if you’d like to speak, please raise your hand like all the other children.Elizabeth: I’m afraid Halley doesn’t stand a chance against Rosemary’s comet.
Abigail:  Well, comets burn out.
Elizabeth: Not before setting fire to everything in their path. 

Elizabeth: Speaking of setting fires, is it my imagination or do you get prettier with each passing day?
Abigail: It’s your imagination. And a little makeup.

When I lost my leg, I thought I lost everything. But what I really lost was my spirit. ~ Adam Miller

Your insults will not silence me, nor will your money. ~ Abigail

Elizabeth: Well, I’m glad you’re back safely.
Jack: You worried I wouldn’t be?
Elizabeth: No.
Jack:Yet, you’re out here in the middle of the night, waiting.
Elizabeth: If you must know, I was just looking for Haley’s Comet.
 Jack: Haley’s Comet?  Do you know how many times I’ve heard that excuse?
Elizabeth: Maybe I was a little worried.
Jack: Just a little?
Elizabeth: Don’t push it.

“The schoolhouse doesn’t really matter to me. It’s the children.” ~Elizabeth

This town needs you, Elizabeth. Not just this town.  ~Jack

Elizabeth: Sometimes we women cry when we’re happy, sometimes we cry when we’re sad…sometimes for no reason at all.

Wyatt: Crying can be good, bad, or mean nothing at all?”

Elizabeth: Exactly.

Wyatt: I may know science but I’ll never understand women.

Elizabeth: I think most men would agree with you.

“A smile always means something good.”  ~Elizabeth to Wyatt


Gowan: That’ll open up a whole can of worms.
Bill Avery:  I like worms. Good for fishing. And I feel I’m about to catch something pretty big.

Rosemary: You didn’t like the song?
Jack: I used to. When it meant something.

Jack: Elizabeth and I have a relationship.
Rosemary: What kind of relationship?
Jack: I don’t know exactly but I do know it’s one I want to pursue.”
Rosemary: And would such a relationship be so easily sidetracked by my presence?
Jack: Your presence could sidetrack an army.
Rosemary: Do you doubt my words?
Jack: You’ve always been a good actress.
Rosemary: Thank you.”
Jack: It wasn’t a compliment.

“Isn’t that what Coal Valley’s all about? Hope?” ~Rosemary

“Doesn’t anonymous mean anonymous anymore?” ~Jack

“Then those records are fabricated just like your words.”

Rosemary: Jack, can we talk?
Jack: Can. Though, no matter what I say, you seem to hear something different.

“They are not long
the days of wine and roses
out of a misty dream
our path emerges for a while
then closes within a dream.” – Ernest Dowson, words on the chalkboard

Gabe: Are you staying because of us or because of Mountie Jack?
Elizabeth: That is a VERY inappropriate question, Gabe.
Girl:  Then it IS Mountie Jack.

Abigail: Hope is in the air.
Jack: That…and a little coal dust.

“Justice prevailed. That’s what matters.” ~Judge Zebadiah Black

“Is there a reason for this walk?” ~Elizabeth

Jack: Is there anything you DON’T know?
Elizabeth: I don’t know the reason for this conversation.

Jack: It’s a lot harder for me to say what’s in my heart. Guess I’m not as brave as everyone thinks.
 Elizabeth: Yes, you are.

“You’re the one. You’re the ONLY one.”  Jack Thornton

“I’m not going anywhere, Jack. This is where I belong.” ~Elizabeth

And so I have resolved to make this place my home, there will be difficult days ahead, no doubt, and uncertain ones, but I have faith that true happiness awaits me here in Coal Valley. But what is life but a bittersweet mix of sadness, wonderment, hope and joy?
~Elizabeth’s journal entry




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