Coal Valley Kids Chat – Kiefer (Ephraim Noonan) O’Reilly

Episode 6: “These Games”


‪#‎Hearties‬ – Welcome to the 6th edition of Coal Valley Kids Chat.
THANK YOU, Michelle and Kiefer, for sharing with us your insights and experiences (and a few pictures) on the set of “When Calls The Heart.”

A special “Thank you” to the very gracious Michelle who shared:

Hello everyone! Kiefer was so excited to become “Ephraim Noonan” This was his first speaking role on film and all of the cast and crew were so supportive of him. His first role was surrounded by such beautifully talented people, and I couldn’t be more thankful. I feel blessed to have been a part of this series with my kids. Kiefer’s older sister (Summer) was one of the background kids on the show (she is the blonde girl with bangs) and I think she was more excited than anyone else when Kiefer got the speaking part! Let’s hope the same kids get called back for Season 2!

For Kiefer’s part in the Coal Valley Kids Chat we decided that a little interview with Kiefer would be interesting! I had a blast interviewing him!

Michelle: What was your favorite part of filming WCTH?

O'ReillyKiefer: I really liked all of my set friends. We played a lot of fun games…I miss Cody…he is funny! I liked being in the classroom and listening to Erin (Miss Thatcher), she was really nice to me. At first I didn’t like the funny clothes, but after a few days I did like them…one time the wardrobe lady, Sam, couldn’t find my regular shirt that I always wore and I was sad! I think the people were my favorite part.

Michelle: How was the “Coal Valley School” different from your own school, and how was it the same?

Kiefer: We had to sit at tables with lots of other kids and at my school we sit in desks. I would like tables better in my real class. My sister was in the same class as me on WCTH, and she isn’t in my class at real school…no I wouldn’t want her in my real class! The teacher talks and we listen, that is the same.

Michelle: How did you relate to “Ephraim Noonan”?

Kiefer: It was pretty easy. He likes sweets and so do I. I had to learn what a funnel cake was. I bet they are really good. I have baby twins too so I know what it felt like to be a brother to twins. I don’t really remember when they lived in my Mommy’s tummy though. But I think that if I get to be Ephraim in season 2 then I will be a really good fake brother to those twins because I have lots of practice with my twins.

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(Additional photographs: Courtesy of Michelle Meyers O’Reilly)

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