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10151942_251038221746577_7174852708449164078_nWhat do a Red Tablecloth, a plagiarized poem, a discarded wedding ring, a comet, a fake mustache, a goat, a cantankerous circuit judge, and a can of whale oil have in common? If you don’t know, you REALLY need to find out! The entire Season One (12 eps) of When Calls the Heart TV Series is available online for $18. This show is like no other. Romance, family drama, faith and hope, heart-tugging trials and triumphs. The season plays out as a serial, so you have to watch it all and in order. You will love this show!

The entire Season One (12 episodes) of When Calls the Heart TV Series is available online for $18-$20 at the following locations:
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When Calls the Heart Episode Guide

Please note, any full free episodes posted online are a copyright infringement and will not be posted here. If you are interested in watching back episodes of When Calls the Heart, PLEASE purchase them from one of the online sources listed above (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, etc.).


When Calls the Heart: Season 1

INSTANT VIDEO [streaming]

Episodes 1-12 available (Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Vudu, Walmart, YouTube)  See links above


DVDs (North America)

“Lost and Found” (episodes 1-2)

“A Telling Silence” (episodes 3-4)

“The Dance” (episodes 5-6)

“Second Chances” (episodes 7-8)

“Limited Edition, Vol. 1” (N/A)

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