Hallmark’s When Calls the Heart Confirmed Season 4

Hallmark Channel’s When Calls the Heart has been confirmed for a fourth season. The show’s frontrunners Daniel Lissing and Erin Krakow made the announcement shortly after the season 3 finale aired. . . .

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  • Beth Lawrence

    Great Show, I love seeing you two together! Your wonderful personalities radiate to us all!!! So happy for Season 4.

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  • Pat Britt

    Thrilled we have season four! You two have a restful time off and looking forward to seeing you both on Hallmark Christmas shows! I loved the end of season three and so thankful Mountie Jack recovered before the ending! It was action packed and I have to agree with both of you that could have been the best episode ever! You two have became very comfortable with each other and really own your roles. I truly love this series.

  • Jackie Smith

    I love this show. It is my favorite of all times. I have watched every episode since the first season. I haven’t read any of the books. I feel that seeing and getting to hear the story in action I get more out of the story. I have been widowed for 13 1/2 years before remarrying again. Moving my life, my daughter and me to a new town and giving up everything I ever knew and had and my comfort zone. It’s been a sad life for me and my daughter both since we moved in 2009. My new husband changed the day we got married. He is not physically abusive in any way but emotionally and he has been unattached to me since our wedding day. He never holds my hand kisses me or even tells me he loves me I guess the movie has brought me some peace knowing that even though there will be many rough patches in ones life there is hope out there. The characters are great. Each and every one of them. The show is an inspiration for me. It’s the way I want to be treated and hope that someday life will bring joy back to me and my daughter.

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