Heartie Headers

SusanWe are so blessed to have our extremely talented admin, Susan Michael Cooper, who has made our lovely website and Facebook Group page banners,  and the home page buttons. I have captured our banner history below, as each is as beautiful as the next. image001



And did you know that Susan also designed this fabulous logo for the Facebook Group admins?

As well as all of the many Coal Valley Character Cards of the kids, which you can see by clicking here.  character cardst
And here are the gorgeous banners we are proud to display on our Facebook page and this website:
s2 premier banner
banner Fall banner Christmas banner spurlock

And apparently, Susan has a great sense of humor, and also constructed these beautiful “prank” “banners that had some hearties clutching their chests!”
prank banner rosemaryprank banner

And this was our very first banner, made by Heartie Tamara Burks Brewer:


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