COAL VALLEY KIDS CHAT: Ty (Wyatt Weaver) Wood

Featuring Ty Wood (Wyatt Weaver)
Episode 12: “Prelude to a Kiss”


#Hearties, Welcome to the Episode 12 edition of Coal Valley Kids Chat. THANK YOU, Ty, for sharing with us your insights and experiences on the set of “When Calls The Heart.”

And now, let’s hear from Ty:

Ty Wood plays Wyatt WeaverWyatt Weaver, a genius, a young gentleman, an inventor and quite a fun character to play. Wyatt relates a lot to me in my daily life and also doesn’t relate in others (the genius). Wyatt’s a kind hearted young 16-year-old who cares a lot about the health of the “older folks” working in the mine. Besides working full time in the mine he is also borrowing books from lovely Miss Thatcher. Reading college level books that he seems to just whip through, Wyatt is struggling with the reality of having to stay out of school in order to keep food on the table for his family – his mother, Mrs. Weaver, and two younger brothers. This is the conflict Miss Thatcher is trying to help Wyatt out with. I personally find this is why Wyatt is so fun to play because he has to give up his God given talent to provide food for his family. This gives more life to the character of Wyatt because I believe he does struggle with the desire to go to university and put his knowledge to good use. Wyatt, also from the first moment of entering Coal Valley, catches his eye on a “rare stone” Gem in the beginning of what could be a young love relationship.

My experiences on set were for the most part amazing. My first day on set I was sick with the flu and shaking from the cold the whole day as the weather was below zero. After the first day it seemed to be smooth sailing. I enjoyed every moment with the cast and crew and have huge respect for Brian Bird and Michael Landon, Jr. They were such a fun group of people. I hope to see them all again!

-Ty Wood

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