COAL VALLEY KIDS CHAT: Rachel (Gem) Pawluk

Episode 11: “Rules of Engagement”


‪#‎Hearties‬ – Welcome to the Episode 11 edition of Coal Valley Kids Chat. If you are wondering if you missed the Coal Valley Character Card featuring the precious Gem, you did not. We thought we’d shake things up a bit today and share the Kids Chat first.

Rachel (Gem) Pawluk

Photo credit: Copyright 2013 Crown Media United States, LLC.
Additional photographs: Courtesy of Kendel Pawluk

THANK YOU, Kendel and Rachel, for sharing with us your insights and experiences (and a few pictures) on the set of “When Calls The Heart.”

And now, let’s hear from Kendel and Rachel:

Rachel, who plays Gem, first appears in WCTH in episode 11. Gem is a character that Rachel can easily relate to. Both girls are 14 and are at a point in their life where they are beginning to notice the boys. What an amazing feeling to experience when you realize that a boy you like likes you back. Whenever we would tell family/friends that Rachel booked the role of Gem where Gem is a girl who becomes smitten with the new boy in town, they would all laugh – this truly is a role perfectly suited to Rachel’s personality. (And I think I had just as much fun as Rachel did on set as all the moms I met were a joy to be around.)

Rachel would like to add:

When I got to the set of WCTH, I was kind of nervous but as soon as I started to meet the cast and crew, everyone was extremely nice. It amazed me how kind-hearted everyone was considering their long hours of hard and dedicated work. I loved working on the set of WCTH and I hope that I will get another chance to see everyone again.

(Photo credit: Copyright 2013 Crown Media United States, LLC)
(Additional photos courtesy of Kendel Pawluk)

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