Coal Valley Kids Chat: Lilah Fitzgerald (Jolene Miller)

#When Calls The Heart Episode 8: “Perils of the Soloists”

#Hearties – Welcome to the 8th edition of Coal Valley Kids Chat.
by Angela Fitzgerald

Lilah Fitzgerald Jolene Miller

Image courtesy of Angela Fitzgerald

Upon reading the script for Episode 8, Lilah immediately felt the parallels between Little House on The Prairie and When Calls The Heart. Specifically, she felt very keenly that the Miller family represented a kinship with the Ingalls family. The final episode of the season confirmed this theory even further for her. Just a little teaser for you there

After making this realization, Lilah settled in for a good long Little House marathon in order to prepare for the role of Jolene. Such hard work
To her delight, she discovered over the course of this marathon that she would even have the honor of sharing a line with Melissa Gilbert’s Laura! I’ll leave you Hearties to figure out what line that was

Lilah is the youngest in her real life family, so it was quite fun for her to have a little sister on set. She loved playing big sister to little Morgan-Rose (Sarah Boey), the youngest of the Miller family. This episode was shot leading up to Christmas, so when she wasn’t hanging out with her little sister, Lilah spent a lot of her time between scenes knitting up Christmas presents for friends and family. That yellow tube you can see in the background of the knitting photo was the heat source for the miner house, which served as the green room on set!

Lilah learned so much from the ever patient and supportive Daniel and Erin. As you’ll see in the photos, Daniel even offered Lilah some impromptu banjo lessons!

Aside from working with wonderful mentors like Daniel and Erin, one of Lilah’s favourite parts of this role was the wardrobe. And, more specifically: THESE BOOTS (see pics). Six months later, Lilah is still desperately coveting these boots

Since I happen to be posting on Throwback Thursday, I threw in a couple of bonus pics: Lilah then and now, in her favourite ‘old days’ bonnet.

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