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Since the children are our future and will be the stars of Coal Valley when #WhenCallsTheHeart is STILL on the air 20 years from now, the Facebook Admin Team (Susan Cooper, Marisa Corser, Camille Eide, Allyson Lapp, Debi Watson-Bailey) developed a series of Coal Valley Character Cards on Miss Thatcher’s students for the enjoyment of #Hearties everywhere. These divine designs were created by Susan, introductions were written by Marisa, and the Coal Valley Kids Chat was developed by Allyson. Click on each card for a larger image.  (Photo credit: Copyright 2013 Crown Media United States, LLC)


Gabe Montgomery


For Coal Valley Character Card #1 in the series, we proudly introduce Gabe Montgomery, played by Mitchell Kummen. The eldest of Cat Montgomery’s three children, Gabe projects a wisdom far beyond his years. He is also quite fond of Mountie Jack. Follow Mitchell’s work on Twitter at @mkummen.

Coal Valley Kids Chat: Mitchell Kummen



Cassandra Garner

Cassandra Garner


If Coal Valley had a baseball team, everyone would want sweet, generous Cassandra Garner on their side! Coal Valley Character Card #2 features Cassandra, a young lady of mystery who may or may not be the love interest of Gabe Montgomery. She is portrayed by the talented Lizzie Boys (@LizzieBoys on Twitter) and is the daughter one of our own #Hearties, Donna Pasowysty (@sewdonnadesigns on Twitter).

Coal Valley Kids Chat: Lizzie Boys


Rosaleen Sullivan



The focus of Coal Valley Character Card #3, Mamie Laverock is both heartrending and lovely in the role of Rosaleen Sullivan, Miss Thatcher’s troubled student. The daughter of ‪#‎Hearties‬’ own Nicole Rockmann (@Nicole_Frieda on Twitter), this bright young starlet delivers powerful screen presence without saying a word. You can follow Mamie’s career trajectory on Twitter at @mamielaverock.

Coal Valley Kids Chat: Rosaleen Sullivan



Emily Montgomery


Coal Valley Character Card #4 stars Gracyn Shinyei who plays Emily Montgomery, the youngest child of Cat Montgomery. In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, this card has a classroom backdrop. Emily shares a tender relationship with her teacher, Miss Thatcher, and Hearties think Gracyn portrays this sweet, serious, and studious young lady just beautifully. Gracyn tweets from @GracynGirl and her father,Tak Shinyei, can be found at @TakShinyei.

Coal Valley kids Chat: Gracyn Shinyei

Caleb character card

Caleb Dunbar

With his fondness for fishing, passion for critters, and fiercely protective adoration for his mom, Coal Valley Character Card # 5  Caleb Dunbar has certainly won the #Hearties of #WhenCallsTheHeart viewers! Caleb’s stubbornly sweet disposition is portrayed by young actor William Verchere Gopaulsingh. Though he plays the role of Mary Dunbar’s (Laura Bertram) son effortlessly, Will’s in-real-life mother is Megan Verchere, one of our Hearties.  Follow Will and Megan on Twitter at @WillVerchere and @mverchere.

Coal Valley Kids Chat: William Verchere Gopaulsingh


Ephraim Noonan

Ephraim Noonan

7-year-old actor Kiefer O’Reilly “brings the cute” to #WhenCallsTheHeart in the role of Ephraim Noonan. Coal Valley Character Card #6 features the cherubic eldest son of Carla Noonan, who delivers twins at the end of Episode 6 “These Games.” Ephraim’s role in Season 1 is small but mighty. He stays with Florence Blakeley Loretta Walsh when Carla moves in with Abigail to await the arrival of his new siblings. The women’s kindness and generosity as they care for each other’s children demonstrates again how Coal Valley citizens look after their own. And, what viewer could resist a chubby-cheeked little boy with a fondness for funnel cakes and pie? 

Coal Valley Kids Chat: Kiefer O’Reilly



Bo Brady

Quiet, respectful, and intelligent, Bo Grady is a much-loved ‪#‎WhenCallsTheHeart‬ character. Portrayed by Connor Stanhope, Bo is the focus of Coal Valley Character Card #7. Bo’s struggle and victory over what Elizabeth called “word blindness” touched our ‪#‎Hearties‬ and inspired us to see and admire those with learning challenges. Thanks to Connor and his mother, Mandy Stanhope, for another fabulous Coal Valley Kids Chat (‪#‎CVKC‬), and to Allyson Lapp for organizing this effort to bring you behind-the-scenes coverage of WCTH. We hope to see Bo back in Coal Valley for Season 2! Until then, keep up with Connor’s career on Twitter at @connor_stanhope and @mandystanhope.

Coal Valley Kids Chat: Connor Stanhope


Lilah Fitzgerald Jolene

Jolene Miller

In this next lovely installment of the Coal Valley Character Cards, just take in those breathtaking turquoise mountains in the background of Susan Michael Cooper‘s design! They are almost as lovely as the spirit of Jolene Miller—the focus of card #8. Played by Lilah Fitzgerald, Jolene is the eldest daughter of Laurel Miller and Adam Miller, the sole miner to survive Coal Valley’s tragic mine explosion. Jolene is the devoted older sister of Morgan Rose, and like most firstborn children she knows her own mind and is not afraid to express it! Remember what she said when practicing lines for the Founders’ Day play? “I know the lines. I’m just not sure I believe them anymore.” Full of such depth and maturity, those words and the life wisdom behind them sent chills up my spine.

Coal Valley Kids Chat: Lilah Fitzgerald



Rachel Stonelake

We all remember the serious, soulful, and sweet Rachel Stonelake who so dearly loves her ‪#‎WhenCallsTheHeart‬ home! “Our town,” she says “is a treasure for all who live here.” A standout scene in Episode 2 “Cease and Desist” is the moment when Rachel gives her precious hunk of coal from her father to Elizabeth. He said it was “a pearl of great price.”
Rachel is portrayed by the talented Katelyn Mager. Katelyn is the daughter of Chris Mager, one of our ‪#‎Hearties‬. You can send her a Twitter shout to @magerkatelyn.

Coal Valley Kids Chat: Katelyn Mager


Character Card: Rachel Pawluk (Gem)


Young love is one of our favorite #WhenCallsTheHeart themes and Coal Valley has plenty of bright, beautiful people to keep the love stories going for many seasons. This week, we’re featuring the sparkling, dazzling, precious Gem, played by Rachel Pawluk. Rachel is the daughter of Heartie Kendel Pawluk. Teenage girls and crushes go hand-in-hand, right?  As you faithful #Hearties will remember, in Episode 11 “Rules of Engagement,” Gem is sweet on Wyatt Weaver. Yes, the girl could do worse than a boy genius! She also takes the opportunity to tease Miss Thatcher about a crush of her own!

Coal Valley Kids Chat: Rachel Pawluk

Ty Wood _Wyatt Weaver

Wyatt Weaver

Character Card #11 features one of Coal Valley’s most endearing ‪#‎WhenCallsTheHeart‬ characters, Wyatt Weaver.

Portrayed by Ty Wood, Wyatt is a bright light in the classroom and the community. Far more than a “brain,” the youth inventor not only developed a mine shaft ventilator to improve the safety of the town’s mine while breezing through college-level textbooks, he also demonstrates the fruits of a wise and generous heart. #Hearties have seen him helping his single mother to care for his younger brothers, sharing a bag of sweets with Gem on the porch steps of the general store, and taking Wendell Backus’ Sunday morning shift in the mine when the older miner gets sick. Wyatt’s character truly exemplifies what WCTH is all about. May you be blessed with a friend and neighbor like Wyatt Weaver!

If you would like to follow Ty’s career on Twitter and show your appreciation, give him a shout at @TyWood12.

Coal Valley Kids Chat: Ty Wood



Morgan Rose Miller

Coal Valley Character Profile Card No. 12
features Morgan Rose Miller; youngest daughter of Laurel and Adam Miller.

Portrayed by Sarah Boey, ( Michelle Boey is her #Hearties mom), Morgan Rose is a delightful little girl who loves her family, being read to by her older sister, Jolene, birds, and listening to her Dad strum his guitar and sing. She’s also an observant little girl with a fine sense of humor. Blue paint, anyone?

Coming soon: Sarah’s Coal Valley Kids Chat.

Coal Valley Kids Chat: Sarah Boey

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