Teen Hearties


If you are a ‪#‎Heartie‬ and are a teen, it only makes sense to join ‪#‎teenhearties‬!

 The TeenHearties Facebook page admin is Elizabeth Driver.  And Robin Fast is another fearless Teen Heartie Leader.  More to come soon for Teen Initiatives!


https://www.facebook.com/groups/718956838127195/Teen hearties


  • debbie jackman

    Y cal you can call me Deb or Debbie’Iwant to start out by saying when call the hearthe best tv show cant wait for it to comeon in december. thant you hallmark for wcth ang all the other great movies. I H0PE TO HEAR from youwcth fans… until next time Deb.

  • Annika Damkot

    I LOVE When Calls The Heart!!! I don’t have cable so I have to watch WCTH on Netflix and I have seen all of the episodes from Season 1 and Season 2 6 times each!!!!

  • Mac

    I have no social media, but I have a lot to say about how much I LOOOOOVE WCTH!! How do I do this plus being able to add funny WCTH pictures and things? Thanks!

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