Ranking Aspects of WCTH

Hearties, your When Calls The Heart creative team, led by Brian Bird and Michael Landon Jr., wants to know what you think. To assist, we have developed the following poll and we hope you will participate.


1. Think about how you would rank the following story line aspects of When Calls the Heart:

  • Action
  • Community
  • Faith Based/Spiritual lessons
  • Family Oriented
  • Romance

2. Then please answer EACH of the following 3 questions.

3. Be sure to hit the Vote button after each question.

Have fun!

1. Which of the following aspects of WCTH is the MOST important to you?
2. Which of the following aspects of WCTH is the next important to you?
3. Which of the following aspects of WCTH is LEAST important to you?


  • M Moore

    Beautifully told stories with positive outcomes, quality character development, and strong lessons to be learned. When Calls the Heart fills a great void in our entertainment industry. And it seems the actors, writers, directors etc involved with this production are positive human beings who understand the potential of their influence in effecting peoples lives.
    I so appreciate your vision, your commitment and trust Hallmark will continue to produce such quality, wholesome programs.

  • Pat Britt

    I have loved every season of When Calls The Heart. I pray it continues for a long time. Our country needs to see love and pulling together and the faith and praying for one another that yes life if rough sometimes but you pull together and you are the hands and feet for a person that is down. Jack is excellent as our families need good male role models like he has been for Cody and a gentleman to Elizabeth. Elizabeth has a deep concern for the children it is more than just learning she cares for the welfare and safety as the town people proved in the end of season three. The action, the love and commitment to one another was outstanding in this episode especially. I could never say enough about this program. love it! Keep up the good work I would not change a thing.

  • M Nelson

    We look forward to each episode! It’s refreshing to see values of integrity and kindness toward others, plus models of friendship you seldom see these days.

    I’m tired of the mean spirited “reality” TV shows that started a few years ago. I hope WCTH starts a trend toward characters you would want your child to emulate.

  • Ruth Sims

    Also love the action with great story lines. Keeping Jack and Elizabeth tenderhearted to each other and sensitive seems to really make a difference and be the glue that holds it all together. Great match and keeps your interest.

    Love the show!

  • Pat Conlee

    I love this show. It has been a blessing to so many people.

  • DeAnn Scalf

    Love this show

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