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Hearties, your When Calls The Heart creative team, led by Brian Bird and Michael Landon Jr., wants to know what you think. To assist, we have developed the following poll and we hope you will participate.


1. Think about how you would rank the following story line aspects of When Calls the Heart:

  • Action
  • Community
  • Faith Based/Spiritual lessons
  • Family Oriented
  • Romance

2. Then please answer EACH of the following 3 questions.

3. Be sure to hit the Vote button after each question.

Have fun!

1. Which of the following aspects of WCTH is the MOST important to you?
2. Which of the following aspects of WCTH is the next important to you?
3. Which of the following aspects of WCTH is LEAST important to you?


  • There 9 of us that watch when calls the heat. We will stop watching if Jack is not brought back. Either he is not dead, but seriously injured or lost in the wood or the Mounties are looking for him
    Jack and Elizabeth’s love affair and relationship are big reasons why we watch and enjoy the show.
    We are very disappointed and want him back and their relationship expanded otherwise we will go watch something else.
    We enjoy the other charters but the show was and is built around Jack and Elizabeth, and we have been waiting for more of their life together and his leadership as the Chief Law enforcement of the community.
    They are the core and heart of this series.
    We hope we are clear bring back Jack.


    • Lori Pearson

      I know all of us Hearties have so many concerns & questions! We’ve been assured that the answers to our burning questions will be answered in the season finale this Sunday night and on Monday in the first-ever, post-season finale Facebook Live with Brian Bird, Lori Loughlin, Erin Krakow, and Daniel Lissing on the Hallmark Channel USA Facebook page at 6PM Eastern/5PM Central/4PM Mountain/3PM Pacific.

  • Rita M. Wanner

    I was invited to friends’ home the other night to view Three Billboards. Not only was the movie empty, shallow but the profanity destroyed any non-plot possible. I left after 15 minutes. Upon return home I immediately turned on an episode of When Calls the Heart (which I’ve been watching on Netflix) and felt so refreshed, cleansed and encouraged that purity with a great plot and development of each character is still available

  • Susan Jensen

    I love the message from this wholesome show. I love the way the actors all show such love, compassion and care they show each other

  • This ole cowboy loves the story line and the wholesome application to the kind of movie/TV watching that I like. The movies made these days don’t go down well with me as it seems as if they feel they have to pack them with computerized action scenes and of course, sex as an icing on the contaminated cake.

    My congrats to Hallmark and the producers/players of this well made production with great and entertaining scenes. The story line is dynamic and keeps you coming back for more. Thank you and keep up the great work.

    Oh! Time to get our favorite Mounty out of the combat zone and back home to his love ones.

  • Kim

    Please make more episodes. Love this drama. I laugh, I cry, this story makes me realise everything is gonna be ok. Thank you for making this movie.

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