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Where the Hearties Are

Click here (or on the map picture below) to ADD YOUR PIN to our map! That takes you to the main #Hearties Zeemap site. When you are there:

  • Click on “additions” in the top menu
  • In the drop down menu, choose “add marker – detailed”
  • Add your Name (or anonymous), City, COUNTRY & STATE (using the drop down menu) and Zip Code (to save a fellow Heartie hours of work looking it up), but NOT your street address because Mountie Jack can’t be everywhere to protect you.

Screenshot 2014-04-03 21.53.45When you get to the interactive map, try the “GO TO …” box. Put in your city/state and you can see who lives near you or click here to see the list of Hearties by State: Hearties map as of July 29, 2015


  • nora fairbanks

    Love WCTH. I think the Hearties are doing an amazing job with videos, pictures and tweets. I have enjoyed them. Sure hope the newlyweds Jack and Elizabeth get to have a large part in Season 6 together! Jack, Lee, Carson, Henry (yes Henry) and the guys are great together making Hope Valley thrive and keeping it safe. Love Lee & Rosemary and would love to see Carson & Hope be the next couple.

  • Nancy Hill

    Best family show on TV! Glad to know so many share the same values as myself. The characters and acting are exceptional. Hope it remains on air for many years. Hallmark is an outstanding channel.

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