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Where the Hearties Are

Click here (or on the map picture below) to ADD YOUR PIN to our map! That takes you to the main #Hearties Zeemap site. When you are there:

  • Click on “additions” in the top menu
  • In the drop down menu, choose “add marker – detailed”
  • Add your Name (or anonymous), City, COUNTRY & STATE (using the drop down menu) and Zip Code (to save a fellow Heartie hours of work looking it up), but NOT your street address because Mountie Jack can’t be everywhere to protect you.

Screenshot 2014-04-03 21.53.45When you get to the interactive map, try the “GO TO …” box. Put in your city/state and you can see who lives near you or click here to see the list of Hearties by State: Hearties map as of July 29, 2015


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