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Hearties are a true force. We know we are over 37,000 strong on our Facebook group. We’d like to count all Hearties, everywhere, whether on social media or not.

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  • Kathie

    Soooooo excited about the new season. I’m excited to be part of this group that supports wonderful family shows.

  • In just signed up today as a “heartie!” I love this program because it is inspirational and a clean family tv program ! All of the actors are so TALENTED & FRIENDLY 💖

    All of my friends and me in Vancouver , Washington will be watching ! Love, gloria

  • Joyce Brunsink

    We have just loved the first 3 series and we are looking forward to season 4! I own the first 3 series and would just love to become a heartie!

  • Tina

    I have really enjoyed this series just got into it this Christmas holiday… watched 1-2 season on Netflix’s and watched three on YouTube. I’m definitely a Heartie live in Vancouver BC and would love to meet the cast and crew especially Dan and Erin love jack and Elizabeth. Also this series has given me and my mom the opportunity to spend more time together. I love that it’s clean and great family television.

  • Marilyn

    I have so enjoyed these series and look forward to season 4. Wonderful collaboration of American and Canadian crews.
    The actors are so committed to their roles and honestly enjoy what they are doing.

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